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High School Pieces: Small Room Chatter

I'm going to start putting up older pieces hoping to (a) fill out this writing journal and (b) show my progress from then to now.

This piece was from 11th or 12th grade. So that was like 6 years ago? I like this piece because it was one of my first times trying to tackle a bigger issue. Up to this point, I pretty much lived in fantasy land and wrote only about elves and dragons. I think Mr. Bush used a prompt to get this one out of me.

Also, I don't really write poetry that much. High school was where I got most of that out of my system.

“Small Room Chatter”


The four of us in the small 6 X 6 room.

We all shared the same voluntary punishment:

catching up on the chapters of our class book.


But the conversation, similar to a Breakfast Club scenario,

Would be something that no one in our class

will ever know.


Myself, a Presbyterian. Another girl, Hindu. My friend, he

was Protestant. One other boy, an Atheist.

We were trapped in this heat rising room.


Peace Like a River, within all our grasps, was the loathed

Being that inflicted this incarceration. Hindu mentioned

She was where the main character’s father walked on air.


“Bullshit,” simply stated Atheist in his usual defiant manner,

“No person can walk on air. It’s scientifically impossible.”

Faith is always a hard thing to comprehend.


“Why not?” I questioned, his often outburst devouring my

belief in not only God but magic as well, “Just because you

can’t see it doesn’t mean we’re wrong in our beliefs.”


“But you are!” he spat back, his presence annoying

us, “Science proves that.” Sighing, Protestant muttered,

“That’s not right… What you just said.”


Hindu and I both agreed. Anyone could have the

right to worship or not worship any God they want.

Why must it be wrong to be different from others?


What right does one have to say a person is inferior

because they’re different beliefs and sacraments:

No one does.


The following few minutes was something

rare within high school:

we dropped all stereotypes of each other and talked.


Different religions… different pasts… but one conversation.

Never would I have saw past Hindu’s personality to see

A mature, soon to be friend that is similar to me.


Everyone should have more of an open mind to others.

You never know where a friend might lie.

They could even be on the other side of the room.


Trainer, Coordinator, and Breeder 4.2

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter 4.1
Hetalia/Pokemon crossover fic
Chapter Four (part two)
A Bluebottled Tyrogue!

(I had to split the chapter because it was too long)

Hitmonchan sat somberly beside Gilbert and stared at the grass. This obviously was a touchy subject for him.

Matthew reached out and patted the Pokemon’s leg, “It’s okay, you know? You and Gilbert are together now. I’m sure you’ve made it up to him.”

“He has,” Gilbert nudged his Pokemon. “More than he knows. Dude, there’s a reason I say you’re my best friend.”

Hitmonchan smiled weakly and lightly punched Gilbert in the arm, “Monchan…”

Kirlia sat in her trainer’s lap while Sadiq brushed her hair. Shaking his head, Sadiq looked at the albino, “I can’t believe you survived being attacked by a gang. You have to be made of steel or something.”

“I didn’t turn out so lucky,” Gilbert gently touched the back of his head. “There’s still a few knots in places where there’s scar tissue. According to the doctors, I was in a coma for several weeks. Apparently I almost died a few times.”

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Trainer, Coordinator, and Breeder 4.1

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Hetalia/Pokemon crossover fic
Chapter Four (part one)
A Bluebottled Tyrogue!

Matthew pulled on his shirt and carefully buttoned it up. Last night had been fun. His traveling companions mixed well with his family, and dinner was full of laughter and new inside jokes. Afterward, Alfred headed out to his apartment in Canalave telling Matt to visit soon. By the time they had fed all of the Pokemon, given them good baths, and showered themselves, the trainers were ready to hit the sack. Francis and Arthur insisted for Gilbert and Sadiq to stay at the house. It was better to save money for the travelers. They graciously accepted, and Sadiq slept in Alfred’s old room while Gilbert took the guest room.

Sitting on the bed, Matthew jostled his napping Shinx. She yawned and looked up to him with bleary eyes. “Come on sleepy head,” he scratched her behind the ears. “Everyone is already up and about. You and I can’t sleep in all day.” She mumbled to herself, stood, and stretched. Matthew bent down and slipped on his converse. As he tied them, he glanced over to his open closet. Absol laid perfectly still, his eyes glowing from between the hanging pants.

“Absol, I know you’re shy, but I would like you to come down and get to know everyone,” Matthew stood up and kneeled in the closet beside him. Reaching out, he stroked Absol’s head careful not to hit the sickle. The Pokemon smiled to Matthew and nuzzled his hand back. “Take your time,” he said gently. “I know you’ll make friends with everyone on your own.” Standing back up, he picked up Shinx and headed downstairs.

The house was abnormally quiet when he entered the living room. Apparently everyone was outside, including all of the Pokemon. Strolling into the kitchen, he spotted Sadiq sipping coffee and standing in the doorway.

“Good morning!” Matthew called to him.


“Where is everyone?”

Sadiq pointed out the door, “Watching this awesome practice battle. Arthur and Gilbert are going at it.”

“What?” Matthew scooted past him outside and almost dropped Shinx at what he saw.


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Hetalia Fans for Equality

Dear Hetalia fan, voice actor, awesome Funimation staff, or anyone who sees this,


My name is Hope Mullinax, and I'm writing you on behalf of the Harry Potter Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to using the power of pop-culture to achieve social change. In our latest campaign, we would like to enlist the help of Hetalia fans by joining our facebook “Fans of Equlity” page.

Hetalia teaches us each week that even though we all come from different parts of the world, deep down we all have the same fears. Fans everywhere have been inspired by Hidekaz Himaruya’s portrayal of the world’s problems and how to fix them. Using characters like Sweden, who is the only confirmed gay character in the series, Mr. Himaruya strives for equality. Sweden’s feelings for Finland allowed them to escape from Denmark together and find a better life. Also, countries that are considered “weaker” are often the targets of bullying. Throughout the series, Italy is constantly hit by other countries when they pick on him. Even stronger countries like Russia are often left out of the group for being different. It is time to say “No more!” to bullying.


It’s no secret that Hetalia fans are among the biggest supporters for equal rights. Harry Potter fans are uniting for the same cause, and we want you to be a part of it. You can join us by liking our Facebook fanpage “Fans For Equality" (http://www.facebook.com/FansForEquality). Our goal is to have 500,000 fans united in this one cause. We want to show the world that, together, we can make it better.

Throughout February, we’ll have many LGBTQ activities. In Rhode Island, we’ll be calling people to contact their senators to support same-sex marriage. We’ll also be making our own Make It Better videos. You can see more here http://thehpalliance.org/action/campaigns/deathly-hallows/horcrux-4/

We would love it if you would join us. At the very least, like our “Fans For Equality” page and encourage your readers to do so.  Inequality needs to be met head-on.  Things will get better, but only if we make it better together.

Below, we have provided you with a blurb and a banner for you to use on your website.  If you have any questions or would like to participate further, please email me at hope@thehpalliance.org.

Thank you!

The Harry Potter Alliance is fighting for LBGTQ equality and needs YOUR help!  This is an issue that effects us all, not just one fandom alone.  Our respective stories make us believe in the power of equality for all.  Our favorite characters have stood for equality and against bullying--it’s time we join forces to do the same.


To make a stand against LBGTQ bullying, the HPA started a Facebook page called Fans for Equality.  We’re asking members of all fandoms to take the initiative to “like” the page and join the discussion.  We can talk about these difficult issues among our respective fandoms any time, but Fans for Equality is an open forum for all the fandoms to join together and share the lessons we’ve learned from our favorite stories and characters.  We encourage you go join the discussion and talk about how equality is represented--or not represented--in Hetalia.  Together we can work to see an end to the inequality.

Cosmo's Top 20 Sexiest Nation People

Maegan and I each made a list. It was if Cosmopolitan magazine made of list of the top 20 sexiest male nation people and the ten runners up. Then we compiled them and made one final list. So, because I don't have a job and tons of time on my hand, I decided to post the list. So here it is with pictures and the blurbs you would see about the countries.

For many of these choices, close your eyes and imagine them in high end designer clothes and made up all pretty.

WARNING: There is one OC and two unofficial countries.

Cosmo's Top 20 Sexiest Male Nation People!
And the 10 runner ups!

1. Turkey

Turkey comes in as number one on our list. His toned body and great personality made him soar through our polls! He even has great eyes if you can get the mask off! As our winner, he gets two pictures in our spread.

2. Sweden

Sweden was a surprise number two with out viewers. Those chilling fierce eyes snagged our editors giving him this spot. Also, we hear he's a great listener!

3. Spain

Spain snagged our number three spot because of his great smile, fun personality, and the tight pants don't hurt either!
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Trainer, Coordinator, and Breeder

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Hetalia/Pokemon crossover fic
Chapter Three

All in the Family!

Gilbert shifted his backpack on his shoulders. They had been out of the forest for a few days and continued on the route leading to Canalave City. The open plains were mild. It would be winter soon, so the sun wasn’t bearing down on the travelers. Though, Gilbert wasn’t feeling too great. Ever since they met the coordinator, Matthew, Gil hadn’t been able to say the right things. Either he was coming on too strong or saying things that made him seem like a total jackass. The last few days, the two of them barely talked. It wasn’t the same for the others. Matt and Sadiq seemed to have hit it off really well. They constantly chatted about different techniques to keep Pokemon looking beautiful, what foods to eat to make them shine, best ways to wash them. Stupid coordinators and their girly nature. For once, Gilbert felt too manly for being as gay as he was. He groaned, “How much longer, Matt?”

“It’s just over that hill!” Matthew pointed excitedly, a little bounce in his step. “They live a few miles from Canalave, but you can get there in a few minutes by car. I can already smell the sea air.”

“Is that what that smell is?” Gilbert crinkled his nose. Matt frowned.

“You are insufferable,” Sadiq rolled his eyes. “That’s sulfur in the ground from all of the salt deposits.”

“Smells like a fart.”

“Hitmonchan,” the Pokemon nodded in agreement.

Matt slid his hands in his hoodie pockets appearing a little put off. He couldn’t help that his hometown smelled like farts.

Noticing this, Hitmonchan tapped Gilbert’s arm and pointed. The trainer quickly added, “I’m sure I’ll get used to it! It’s gonna be like a rose!”

Matt pursed his lips and walked ahead of the group.


“I know,” Gilbert ran a hand through his hair. “Smooth, right? Damn…”

“Okay, what’s going on here?” Sadiq muttered to Gil, motioning between the trainer and Matt.

“Nothing, nothing at all.” Gilbert tugged at his white hair in stress, watching Matt ahead of them. “I’m just really bad at life.”


“I’m so glad you agree with my misery…”

Sadiq watched his traveling companions a few more moments before a small, coy smile crossed his lips. He didn’t say anything, but the last few days suddenly made sense.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake. It started slowly, but grew until it was trembling so hard it threatened to throw them off their feet.

“An earthquake!?” Sadiq stumbled, snagging Gilbert for support.

“No. Look!” Matthew pointed. Coming over the hill, a long snake like Pokemon barreled towards them. Its metal coat glimmered in the sun, and the spikes on its head looked dangerous.

Sadiq, Gilbert, and Hitmonchan screamed, “Ahhhhh! A Steelix!”


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